Our identity

Actors of a dream, protagonists of a reality.

The dream

the dream of the earth, the passion of
land; dream seasoned by the sweet whisper of
wind, from the soft patter of rain,
all watched over by the dazzling motionless
look of the sun


Historical custodians of the territorial expressions and tireless farmers of this dream: to give life to products of the earth with incomparable aromas and flavors. 

We are singers of a wonderful, austere archaic country: Puglia.
Puglia, and our fruits.


A land of passage of winds and clouds that gallop between sea and sea
A sea without roads and without explanations, light up and down along the smooth sands
light like autumn which in this land is almost a humbler spring, like a natural daughter of summer, unexpected and very sweet.

The Primitivo

Uncontaminated spectacle and for endless expanses, carpets as far as the eye can see of low vines that stand upright by themselves

The olive oil

Massive olive trees with a baroque and serene air in a land with the burnt soul of dry stone walls that smell of almond trees; land of colors and flavors

Our history

The adventure begins

We are in Puglia, in the geographical area called “Murgia di Sud-Est”, exactly in the districts of the municipality of Acquaviva delle Fonti, or in the main territory of the production of “PRIMITIVO GIOIA DEL COLLE”;
And it is here that we have established our. Company; It is here that we have selected and cultivated the first Apulian vines and the first saplings;
And it is from these primitive vines, for the most part with a sapling training system of historical and ancient value, that our wines are produced. collection;

The first bottling

It was a patient waiting; a correct fermentation at a controlled temperature, aging first in steel and then in fine-grained French oak tonneaux, subjected to the special and delicate "DTS®" toasting process to sweeten the bouquet; Care, attention and dedication; is what we have reserved for our. first creatures, to our first labels, at our first Primitivo wine; And the patient waiting was rewarded by the extraordinary nature of the product;

The first recognition

January 2021; Yearbook of the Best Italian Wines - 2022 edition by Luca Maroni;
Score of 96 and inclusion on the podium of the best Red Wines of the Year;
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